Thursday, November 4, 2010

News stand chic

On my last trip to Sao Paulo, I was impressed with the elegance of this gentleman. He owns a newsstand   
in the Frei Caneca area. It's not usual to find a newsstand owner well dressed with such taste. He is very confident of himself and knows what works for him. The shoes add a touch of formal to a pretty casual combo of pants and long sleeve shirt. The bracelet in leather and 18k gold caught my eyes instantly and I love the big modern watch - a trend that has been seen a lot lately in  Brazil.  Mr. Gradiz was kind enough to pose for this blogger.

And then I was so excited about this bracelet and thought that it was a genuine men jewelry piece designed by some fabulous Brazilian designer...wrooonnnng! He told me he bought it during his last vacation trip to Cancun. Imagine my face?!? Regardless the source it was cool to see guys well groomed on daily basis. An if during your next trip to Sao Paulo you see yourself around the Frei Caneca neighborhood stop by at his office to say hello and buy cool mags.

Mr. Gradiz
Banca de Revistas Violeta
Rua Matias Aires 95
Consolacao/Cerqueira Cesar
Sao Paulo

Photos by Fernando Dasilva © 2010.

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