Saturday, October 9, 2010

Food in Brazil

I want to share with you some pictures I took of what I was eating below the tropics and eventually drinking during my last trip to Brazil.AS usual nothing fancy...juts very well done, healthy, happy, colorful and most of important of all totally DALICIUUS!!! 

Truly comfort food!

At my mom's kitchen a bowl with a type of potato that is yummy, it's called "batata baroa".

A "pattiserie" in Brasilia... cakes and pies to die for.

Above: Specially homemade chocolate  flan..beyond your imagination.

Above: one of the most popular appetizers in Brazil...frango a passsarinho...garlic deep fried chicken. Perfect match with a very cold beer.

This is at my mom's kitchen and I was getting ready to make a fish stew Brazilian style - with coconut milk and several spices. The fish is called "Tucunare"...fresh water fish.

Above was one of my meals at a flee market in Guara.  A combo of several Brazilian dishes all together.

Above: a must have. It's a famous appetizer that brought lots of recognition for this really cozy place. The dish is called "envolvente que empolga"..pls don't ask me to translate because it's more like a sentence... What's in it?
Hard boiled quail egg wrapped with a thin slice of bacon and then deep fried. Exquisite! A temptation!

I don't want to make you guys jealous but the next picture is a total luxury.  A friend of mine cooked for me and it was a banquet. Lots of good stuff, white sauté rice, okra and green bean casserole, pinto beans and saffron chicken.

And to get all that in place I drank lots of coconut water and a Brazilian cafezinho to finish off on a laid back way.

If you have a chance go to Brazil on your next vacation. You will fall in love!

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