Friday, July 30, 2010

Last pop media influenza

I am in love with some of the new ads I"ve seen in the magazines lately. It's been a while since I posted my last magazine cover influenza. Below are few of the ones I've been digging it. 

I am totally in love with Drew Barrymore ads for Cover Girl... they are chic, clean and modern...beautiful styling, make up, hair and I love this color took me back to a necklace I created for the lastes Beadalon catalog where I played with the same colors.

The look on this necklace is economic but the intention was to showcase the white stringing wire by Beadalon - that is one of my favorites ever...of course Swarovski Elements add glamour  all over it and the carved bone flower pendants bring enough Spring mood for the year round.

On the cover of "Departures" the same color palette was applied but here the sepia effect of black and white toned down the vibrant yellow that was used on the issue title "Summer" and text. I think you could wear my necklace on that place and you would blend with it. Chicer impossible!

Now let's jump to some hotter places - get ready!!! lol

I like a lot this Calvin Klein ad. It's a very rich black and white look and the round something behind the model adds lots of geometry and balance to the photo...lots of texture and geometry of the outfit was nicely framed by the pose and his strong face.

Model and Victoria Secrets angel Adriana Lima is looking gorgeous on this fashion spread - sexy and demure at the same time... if that is possible. She is one my favorite models on activity these days. 

Above is a LV ad with Raquel Zimmerman on the first plane...she looks amazing and she is been all over the place. You can find Raquel in many of the top notch fashion ads lately. Love the color palette here- beige and neutrals with seems like the sensuality of the 50's  is IN.

The ad above is the coolest that I've seen lately. I would never could possibly imagine that one day a  guy would replace the famous pin up girls who traditionally were featured on martinis ads. Smart, fun and sexy! 

Well, next one will steer things up more and more!

The guy below is Marlon Teixeira, a Brazilian model (yes, we will take over the world...waaatch!!! ch!!!) who's worked with the best of best of the fashion world in such short time and he is 20 but actually he doesn't have a boyish face. 

Unfortunately (?) I cannot say anything about his outfit but the necklace looks gorgeous and beyond Ipanema! Must to be a trend all those black and white ads...I like it.
At the end of the day is really nice to see all these fabulous Brazilian faces doing so well.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to look at things beyond your might find inspiration in unexpected places.


"Departures" cover photograph by Sally Gall with hand lettering by Lynn Hofner.
Adriana Lima photographed by Willy Vanderperre for  "V" magazine, styling by Oliver Rizzo.
Raquel Zimmerman for Louis Vuitton.
Marlon Teixeira photographed by Matthew Scrivens for Armani Exchange Summer 2010.

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