Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sangria a la Valentina

Sangria is my favorite Summer's refreshing, fun, hot, sexy and easy to make.
As a soundtrack for the weekend I suggest the latest Xtina Aguilera album...high notes, fun, up beating and  full of soul...HOTCH HOTCH HOTCH !!!  just like Spanish culture.
Have a fabulous weekend, all!

Sangria a la Valentina

Chopped fruits: orange, red grapes, green apple, pear and strawberries.
5 full spoons of sugar
one big lime
Brandy, Strawberry liquor and Triple Sec
Any cheap red wine ( for this one I used a red Italian Lambrusco)
Prosecco and sparkling water
Lots of ice

How to make it? r u serious?!? lol
on a large pitcher mix all chopped fruits with all the sugar...almost smashing it...add all the ice...add triple sec, strawberry liquor, brandy and red wine. (use a port wine glass to measure 3 first liquors)...fadd a splash of sparkling water and top the pitcher with prosecco(or any sparkling wine).

Whisk all several times( I use a wood spoon to do that) and serve on a large Bordeaux  wine glass.  
Enjoy it! but please, don't drink and drive or if you drive, don't drink.
I make this drink at home and I drink at home and then I stay at home.
XoXo !!!


Xtina Aguilera newest album is called "Bionic" and is  brings her back on top of the pop music scene. Listen with no filters and move shake your body honey!

See you!!!

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