Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My best from the Oscar

The Oscar 2010 was okay.

I don't understand how somebody can be nominated 17 times and still not be awarded.
I think that Sandra Bullok's work is overrated. 
I am happy for Monique..but to me Meryl or Sedibi should've taken the statue home.
And I dont hink SB long gold dress wasn't that special at all..old classic Hollywood style...if I had to pick an old Hollywood style dress I'd stick with Nicole Ritchie..she looks so mature and regal..I loved it!

Getting back to the women, ny number one look was JLO...MARAVILHOZA !!!

MY # 1 Jennnifer Lopez...I loved all about this dress...architectural ..couture..high fashion...statement...and she is the only one who can wear a pale color dress and we can still see her. Gorgeous!!!

MY # 2 - the co-star of "Up in the air" Vera Farmiga...WOW!!! no words...fuchsia architectural..astonishing!!! What a brave woman! Loveeed it!  

MY # 3 - "Avatar" diva---Zoe Saldana...tres chic! couture...purrrrple rocks and she worked the red carpet..the purple shoes are fantabulous! love the excess of's red are supposed to awe me!!!

MY #4 ---Sarah Jessica God! many people hated this dress but I loved it! the color platte is fresh and unique..daring lines...loved the platinum flowers on top. She looks gorgeous to me.

 MY # 5 ....for the first time ever I like everything about Cameron Diaz on this dress...statuesque, glamourous, luxurious, rich...according to JRivers the color is "GREIGE"...ta meu bem!!! between silver shadow and gold shade ...fabulous! She looks regal e powerful.

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