Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Knoxville for JTV and Beadalon

I was back home form Bead and Button on the 13th but not for too long.
I had only few days to finish few projects and then get ready to head to Knoxville, TN, to appear on Jewel School Television.

On Friday, 17th, somehow I missed my early flight and got there in the afternoon. I was welcomed by two wonderful people, got a quick tour (amazing facility) and then my friends Margot and Drew Potter picked me up on my hotel and took me for dinner in the downtown area. We went to a fabulous place in the Market square and we had a great time. I worked on samples on Saturday and the next day I debuted on live TV next to Kim (hostess) and Margot Potter. It was an incredible experience!

The picture above was taken by my friend Robert Locarno...form his screen straight form Nocona, Texas (just one hour outside of Dallas). Thanks, Robert! I look good on TV !!! lol

Inside of JTV playing with a bucket loaded of fabulous semi-precious stones...just like a candy jar.

Drew Potter and I bonding. I look so big next to dropped tons of pounds, dude! Stop it!

Margot and Avalon Potter and myself...sharing good moments. And Avalon looks amazing! The little girl is gone...

Fabulous place, nice atmosphere, great decor, great food...very hype! I can't remember the name of it! Aging is not good...

My dish: pork ribs, plantains, and rice and beans...Cuban roots. Very yummi!

OMG: James was not only one of the most handsome "gingers" that I've ever seen it but very charismatic and provided us a great time.
I couldn't resist asking him to strike a pose...he is totally in tune with this blog. lol
The picture was taken by Madge Potter.

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