Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day of double happiness

Have you heard about Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian?
"These two martyrs were twin brothers from Syria who lived in the fourth century. They were very famous students of science and both became excellent doctors. Cosmas and Damien saw in every patient a brother or sister in Christ. For this reason, they showed great charity to all and treated their patients to the best of their ability. Yet no matter how much care a patient required, neither Cosmas nor Damien ever accepted any money for their services. For this reason, they were called by a name in Greek which means "the penniless ones."


                                          Guava paste rollata - rocambole de goiabada

                                          Chocolate coffee cake with coconut fudge

                                         White pave - lady fingers soaked on pastry cream

                                             Strawberrie and chocoltae Pave with Maria cookies

                                          Vatapa - sea food puree with coconut milk and palm oil, cashews and ginger.

                                         Paper bag filled with candies and goodies in honor to Sao Cosme e Sao Damiao.

                                           Orange and cheese coffee cake

                                          Cakes and tortas at a Brazilian pastry shop in Brasilia - my hometown. Sweet Planet!

                                         'Cosme e Damiao party favor bags reday to be held to the kids.

                                         Chocolate flan....rich and ultra delicious. 

                                         Sophisticated dessert in Florence. Happiness in Italian.


                                       The gentleman above is a public figure in Brasilia, where he sells home made cakes or 'coffe cakes' (like Americans say) of many different flavors and sometimes different tops. He has never done any other thing in his life. His kiosk has been in Guara Market for 30 years and he has some of the best cakes in town. You can buy juts a slice and  it cots a U$ 1.00, and they are DALICIUUS! The most  important of all  is that the highlight of his business is him. He is polite, engaging, fun, happy and so charismatic that on a first  'cake' bite you truly believe that those cakes are the best cakes you ever tried on your entire life.

                                    Today is a very important day for me. I am a 'priest' of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian ('Cosme e Damiao' in Portuguese) and all my thoughts today in homage to the twin saints go to Mr. Joseph, a.k.a 'Seu Ze do bolo" or as the cake guy.  Mr. Joseph has the essence of the twin saints on his soul, on his heart and I hope he can serve his clientele for many years to come.  Thank you for the wonderful cakes and the genuine smile you greeted me every time I stopped by your kiosk. 

Viva Cosme e Damiao e o seu mundo de doces, cores, brincadeiras e risadas infindaveis.

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erin said...

Beautiful blog, Fernando! And I had such a fun time in your class. Thanks again!