Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adriana Calcanhotto

Adriana Calcanhotto is one of my favorites Brazilian singers. She is also a songwriter who was born in Rio Grande do Sul but has chosen Rio de Janeiro to live and base her career that dates from the early's 90. She has been one of the most talented new voices of Brazil and her music makes me happy and emotional. Her lyrics have a status of poetry and she works with the Portuguese language like no other female songwriter of her generation. I consider her a daughter of Tropicalia and she carries it along on her work that is a fusion of rhythms, styles and sounds.

My friend Eliza from Sao Paulo sent me her latest record and after I played the entire album I was feeling so alive and I got emotional.

Her recent record (cover above) is called "Mare" (tide) and like the ocean is rich of colors, textures, siren melodies, high waves, low and high tides and her voice flows like streams of water reaching for the vast sea. 

If you like  music I suggest you to listen to Adriana's work and capture the essence of her work -modern melodies full of love and understanding of the human soul.

Undoubtedly  a Daliciuus™ music record.

CD title "Mare" by Adriana Calcanhotto
Produced by Arto Lindsay and Adriana Calcanhotto. 
with collaboration of Moreno Veloso, Domenico Lancelloti, Kassin, Marisa Monte, Gilberto Gil,  Jards Macale, De Palmeira, Rodrigo Amarante, among others.

Photos by Gilda Midani and Pedro Arruda.

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