Sunday, August 17, 2008

Full moon night in Asbury Park

Asbury Park is going through an entire process of revitalization and it has become one of the most attractive places at the Jersey Shore. A strong gay community is moving in, buying houses, opening new business and bringing lots of style, glamour and happiness to the city. That's what the  world needs. Let's all be gay !!!

The following pictures are a small sample of the many daliciuus aspects of the city.

The adorable smiley face above belongs to Iulian (clicked twice), my Romanian friend who's visiting the States for the first time. 
He is 21 yr, very handsome and daliciuus. He represents the up and coming  Asbury Park. 
I hope he's back next Summer for modeling for my boys jewelry line. He is already the inspiration for my whole collection. 

Viva, Romania!!!

It was around midnight and the crowd was having a ball...not thoughts about going to bed at all. 

This building reminds me of a pineapple...a pineapple crown.

Isn't fabulous!? 

Full moon night...maybe Madam Marie got the solutions for all my issues.
Lot's of excitement in the air...
I might try her reading next Summer. The sign is 1derful™ !!!

I wonder if her crystal ball was made by Swarovski cause that would give me more confidence...hum!

Moon light over the sky - a chance for love! and for sex!!! huahuahua

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