Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cuff bracelets by DENNY DIAMOND

"Pain in the brass" bracelet by  Denny Diamond © 2009  - a top-notch fusion of copper and bronze featuring a rich texture on its surface and rich ornated design and craftsmanship that turned my head on first sight.
I just looooooooVD it!
Beautiful work by this Canadian designer who shared her artsy approach with me.

This bracelet above is made with solid copper sewn to a raw brass cuff.  She perforated the edges and whip-stitched it with copper wire and brass (gold coloured) beads. This is actually a prototype for a sterling and goldfilled version. She named it "Bead, Bound and Beyond". 

The next one is sterling and goldfilled wire with goldfilled beads. According to her is "really much simpler to do because once it was
done, it was done--I didn't have to sew it to anything". It doesnt look simple to me.

Above " Double path" bracelet by Denny Diamond © 2009.  Sterling silver and gold-filled. 

Another highlight of our visit to Toronto was  Denny Diamond. We meet at John Bead showroom(it seems like the best Canadian designers are fans of John Bead) and I had to stop her(actually I grabbed her wrist just like we Brazilians like to do it) to ask about the cuff bracelet she was wearing. It is a one of a kind, made and designed by her and I incredibly loved her work. We hit and I believe on her ability to transform metal in wearable art. Since I started posting some of my beaded bracelets I thought it would be nice to have her work next to my one because is definitely DALICIUUS !!!  


denny said...

Hi, Fernando!
Wow, my stuff looks terrific! I just want to mention that the "Double Path" bracelet is sterling silver and gold filled. But that's ok, I appreciate the exposure.
Thank you so much!

Fernando Dasilva said...

Hi darrrrrrrling!

I was waiting for your feed back cause I lost the info on both pieces so I came up with those names...actually I will email u privately..duhh!!!

The exposure is very small darling... it's my honor to display your beautiful and unique jewelry here.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the cuff is fantastic. Very cool. Do you know if Denny does made to order pieces? How does one get in touch with her?
Does she work with any other materials besides metal?
Great blog. Found it by mistake, and now I have bookmarked it to follow other artists that you like.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That cuff is beautiful!!!!! Can someone PLEASE get me her website information???!!!!! Post it in the comments. Thanks!

Fernando Dasilva said...


Give me one more day I will post here info on Denny.

Tks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

I had been lucky enough to see more work from Denny. They are amazing. How this artist makes such a fine motives with not so soft materials. Her designs are very refreshing and they are quite unique.
...and knowing her personally, I should say her works are as beautiful as her soul.


Anonymous said...

"... I should say her works are as beautiful as her soul..."


denny said...

Hi, Fernando,
You have absolutely made my day! Is it alright to post my email address?

Dan said...

This looks amazing. Thank you very much for posting this.