Thursday, January 14, 2010


(cover of Dona's Cano cooking book written by her daughter Mabel Velloso -
 cover picture of Dona Cano by Maria Sampaio ) 

I  finally made one recipe from a fabulous cooking book given to me by a friend last year.
The books' name is  "O sal e um dom - Receitas de Dona Cano "  ( Corrupio and Nova Fronteira Publishing Co. - Brazil) by Mabel Velloso. I am sorry but I really couldn't find a good translation for this title so I don't want to make fool of myself.
I can tell you for sure that's about the art of adding the right ammount of salt to any dish...just enough to make it right and "magical" perhaps "surreal".

It is like you are taking a tour through the pages of her mother's cooking diary.  Mabel's mother is Dona Cano (Mrs. Cano), a  popular lady who became an Ambassador of Santo Amaro da Purificacao, in the Brazilian state of Bahia, a small town that is located in the area known as "Reconcavo Bahiano", one the strongest cultural epicenter of the Brazilian culture. Dona Cano is a local celebrity due to her generosity, kindness and matriarcal figure, almost like a mother of all people from "Reconcavo".

I  decided to make a  coffee cake because I am addicted to cakes and I consider them the perfect companion for a good  afternoon coffee. I had some friends over for a workshop and I served with sparkling Asti and it was absolutely phenomenal...definitely a daliciuus recipe...Dona Cano's bossa nova cake is incredibly flavorful and everybody loved it.

The book is not only a document that illustrates the richness and variety of the Brazilian comfort food cuisine but also a city-guide that takes you on a tour around the life style of a beautiful people who lives surrounded by fresh water, music and dance. I can't wait to try some of the other recipes.

above my "Bossa Nova" cake ... original recipe by Dona Cano...heaven!!!

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Vinny said...

Oh My .. Those look delicious . That book must be awesome !