Sunday, January 10, 2010




My first post of the year is a cultural tip: please go see the last Heath Ledger movie. It's brilliant,imaginative surreal and if you like fantastic realism this is movie for you.
I saw last night and left the theater feeling so good about life in general and at same time sad for facing the reality that we no longer have an actor like Heath living on earth. He could bring so much for the entertainment industry is so good to realize that there are brave actors like him...that really wanted to bring something unique and deeply beautiful to our lives.
I loved! The entire cast is phenomenal and everything is very magical.
I didn't give a sxxxx for the bad reviews that I read before heading to the from common people but I just wanted see and make my own conclusion. I like to read those reviews but they never change my desire of experiencing the sorry on my own terms.
I an a huge fan of mythology and this filled my deepest dreams and faiths about many things in life.
This movie is about living your truth, making choices, real love(or course), capitalism and hope.

Great acting, funny and very spiritual.

More movie tips will come.

Happy 2010!!!

Ps. sorry for the poor quality of the pics but I got it form the official website.
PS2. I did replace the really blurry pics for betther ones.


Margot Potter said...

I can't wait to see this. Thank you for this review, it sounds like my kind of movie!


Fernando Dasilva said...

Thanks for stopping by, Madge!

I am sure you will like it and I can see you coming up with many designs inspired by.

Vinny said...

I'll check it out . Anything suggested by Fernando is worth a try ! I love his taste !