Friday, February 19, 2010

I gotta no time 4

Begining today I will be once a week posting about "something" - that can be a person, attitude, a place, a product -  that I literally have no time for.
Just to express my indignation to certain things that in my humble opinion have no relevance and nobody should care at all.

Top of the day:

Tiger Woods apologizing to the entire nation...pleeeessssssssss...keep your tiger into the woods and move on with your life. I dont' care...who should care?! TRI    RI DI CU LOUSSS !!!


1 comment:

Vinny said...

That's right . Why everybody needs to know what Tiger Woods do ? I think because he's famous and has lots of people , companies and money around him and also something to talk about his behavior . People love a sexual topic ! To be honest I've never heard of Tiger Woods until these things came up .. Guess I'm not a golf lover .. LoL .

ps ... I like the new Subject 'I gotta no time 4' ... Lots of things to dish about ...