Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Super model bar

I was in Manhattan last week for the Alexandre Hercochvitch Fall 2010 runway show and it was fabulous. It was my first time  @ Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and was incredible to learn so much about the event itself.
Inside the tent, a large lobby beuatifully decorated and surrounded by booths of the sponsors. There was plenty of cocktails, food( snacks), water, iced coffe and I could not believe the quantity of bloggers in the fashion world. And lots os wannabe...hummmmmalso lots of people streaming live videos.

I got there and was directed to the invitation check in and then was re directed to the begining of a line on the left side reserved to all the guest that didnt' have a sit assigned at all. So I got a pink card only with the designer's name on it and went to the line... sooooooo chic!
All the "important" people got a beige card that meant that those people did have a sit assigned.
So you stand in line next to the entrance of the show area and all of those VIP people passed by you and they look at you holding your pink card and you feel like you are traveling on coach and you have to wait for the first class to sit and find their best angle to see the show.
I did not count but let's say I saw 350 VIP people passing by and the line behind me, that was really short, in less than 15 minutes was packed of NIP (non important people)... It was refreshing to realize that I wasn't the only one with a pink card on hands...and some people try to hide the card...how niiiice!

So, after almost 1hr 15min in line (yes darling, because NIP always arrives early to these gigs) they started collecting the pink cards and all the NIP people rush like cows to the area praying to find an available chair.
I 've noticed after entered such sacred place that I would be better off if I would stand...I would have an excelent view of the catwalk...there were 6 rows of chair on each side so there wasn't rows and rows of people standing....but I had to sit  since my French hostess found me a place and she made sure I got that since was my first time in such exclusive event. So I did. But the truth is that if you are not on first or second row you don't get to see the shoes at all. I was on fourth row and I could hardly see the shoes. On the other hand if you standing in the back you can see the entire show with no obstruction at all. The most annoying thing was the cameras recording videos and snipping shots during the show. I decided to enjoy the moment and I did not want to take pictures on top of holding a pink card...that would be too much of non importance for a single man.

The show started 45 min later and last around 15 minutes. It was wonderful and I got goose bumps all over my body....isn't funny that I stayed in line more than an hour to see less than 15 minutes of beauty moments?!
Despite all I was glad that I got to see Hercochvitch's latest collection..it was magnificent!

Here are the fashionistas:

My felow blogger and a lovely tres chic fashionista. I loved the colors on both of them!

This blogger and  Madame - my personal hostess - she asked this totally cool guy to take this pic..I actually thhink that he did not want to do it but he did anyway. He was wearing something  out of this world ...very West Village meets Park Avenue and yields to an installation in Soho. 

The girl above is a blogger from New York and she was lovely. We had such a good conversation and she told me that fashion bloggers are reaching status of celebrities ... one 15 years old girl was invited to Paris Fashion Week reads Haute Couture...seems like bloggers are capturing designer's attention and they want them to express they honest opinion about their collections.
She is invited to all the fashion gigs in Manhattan...ta meu bem!!! that means...you go girl!!!

I wanted to tell you that I found out the secret of keeping your body in shape just like a top model.
Among the munchs in the tent I 've found these chocolate covered bars that look sooooo yummy... after I have refused trying it for times my French friend insisted that I should bring some home since was free...complimentary sounds better and more fashion forward...so tonite I tried one of those yummy bars and look at my face below....oh goooooosh!!!

The bars are hooooo rrrrrri bleee !!!
I wonder if the Dutch models that are so IN now eat them on daily basis and drink water...lots of water to get rid of of that  flavor. 

I am not telling you the brand's name but my experience with most of those bars  have not been very good. I can't believe that some people really like them. 

For the first time in DaLiciuUs™  something that are not delicious at all!

Beijos! XoXo !!!


Vinny said...

I love the description of the fashion show . Those people hiding their card ... LOL .. And your face after trying those chocolates . Very funny . How could they serve such bad candies ?

Fernando Dasilva said...

There are several munchies at the tents...but my lovely hostess insisted and I've decided to try it.
Aquelas coisas! you know!!!