Monday, August 3, 2009

Becoming a follower

"Fireworks at dark" within "Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed"

I am running a promotions through this blog from now to August 30Th.

I want to invite you to become a DaLiciuUs™ follower just clicking on the gadget on right sidebar. Leave a comment telling me why you have decided to be part of my daliciuus™ world and your name will be entered into a drawing of a copy of my first book ( cover's picture below) and a kit of this fabulous project called "Fireworks at dark". I will randomly select a winner on September 1st. Please, feel free to be a incognito follower if you want but include your email in case you win.

Good luck!

Above, the version's in the book. It is a Fall color palette with splashes of vibrant fuchsias and purples.

The picture above is the version on my kit - a brightest and sunny color palette. I designed this necklace for Beadalon® and my goal was to spotlights the colored stringing wires, showing how it will enhance the fabulous cuts n the surfaces of Crystallized™ components. The design was improved after all because I have realized that I did not need so may crimp beads to keep the crystals in place. After guiding a workshop for Crystallized™ , one of my students told me that the crimps above the neckline (velour tubing) was poking her neck so I covered them using round bead covers. Many times I create pieces looking for the design element first and wear ability comes after - sometimes I found out by myself and other times customers or students give a feed back. There is always room for improvements.

Valentino is perfect.
I am not!

"Exposed" was co- authored with fellow designers Katie Hacker and Margot Potter. I am sure that within those pages you will find inspiration to create your own jewelry.

PS. To my first 4 followers: You all are into this drawing.


Billie said...

It was a pleasure meeting you at CHA Orlando this year, Fernando! I enjoyed your explainations of the different designs and concepts throughout the "Exposed" book and can't wait to get my own copy of it so that I can look at it in more detail. I am an aspiring jewelry designer myself and my birthday is this month (19th), so I hope I'm the lucky winner!!! I love your designs and ideas, and hope to see you again at another show!

chinamomxtwo said...

what a great necklace!! :)
will sign up now to be a 'follower' I really enjoy your designs and your vision.......

Fernando Dasilva said...

Thanks for the comments from both of you.
I 've been busy working on few extra projects.
I wish good luck to all!

XoXo !!!

Jax said...

I found you off of Margot's site. You do beautiful work!

Abbellisca said...

Ha how exciting a new book! I am new to this blog world and just love all the creativity I have found so far. I am adding myself to your list of stalkers - I mean followers lol ;) cheers for now. abbellisca designs at (hot mail) dot com

bghenson1 said...

Yes, I am anxious (LOL) and just couldn't wait to see who the lucky person was to receive your book and kit (hope it was me! :-)

BTW - absolutely loved, loved, LOVED your Starfish Beauty set!!! Beautiful and casual, yet still a little edgy . . . WONDERFUL! Do you ever hold workshops in the central Florida area?

Ciao! xoxo Billie