Thursday, July 2, 2009

HIP to BEAD by Katie Hacker

I will be posting about some jewelry making books this month. I am starting with my fellow designer Katie Hacker's book titled "Hip to Bead"(cover picture above). At the time this book was released I did not have a blog so I've decided to begin with this one.

I don't know if does make any sense but to me, after 3 years Katie's book is still timeless. I can see many of the projects been worn now, 3 years later.

The book style is light and airy and so are the projects. Katie visits a wide range of accessories, from bracelets to earrings, from multi strand necklace to a belt, plus there is a frame, a purse, a journal and a hair barrette. Fun!
Katie keeps the project's vibe young and casual, with few dressy moments, e.g. "Great lengths necklace and bracelet" - a detachable combo of 2 pieces in one. My favorites projects are "Rock'n roll cuff", "Knock-out necklace", "Bejeweled crystal bracelet", and the "World beat choker" - a very trendy look for Summer 2009. Katie worked with crystals, gemstones, leather, stringing wire, seed beads and a variety of jewelry components. I loved the "Creative cause bracelet"- a very original way of jazz up those cause bracelets. Another nice thing to see is that there are some shots of the jewelry been worn by a model what reinforces the piece itself. On the other hand there are no step by step photos but brings some graphics that are always helpful.
"Hip to bead" is a MUST have for any jewelry making lover.

Book: Hip to Bead
Author: Katie Hacker
By Interweave Press LLC - 2006


Katie Hacker said...

Thanks for reviewing Hip to Bead, Nando! You're the best.

Nando said...

No problem, dahling!

United Designers of America.

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