Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The images were captured yesterday from one of our windows. A rainbow is a symbol of longevity, movement, mutation and wealth. Every time I see one I feel happy just for being alive. It fascinates me!

To neutralize the latest death news I have decided to start the new month with these images.
Enjoy and believe that better days will come.
And long life for all of us.


Margot Potter said...

The double scoop! I love rainbows too. We who are living must live as fully as we can, and remember that life is so fleeting and so precious.

Love you,

Fernando Dasilva said...

Yes, Madge!
We need to value each minute of our lives and be fabulous and ready to shine.

We will get back to you about the 4th this afternoon. I just read the fwd message from my honey.


PS. lorrrrrrdge..I need to change some settings here...these letters are too don't like it!!!