Thursday, July 9, 2009

Timeless designs with lots of turquoise

13 strands of sleepy beauty turquoise finished with 18KY clasp with diamonds.
Assembled for customer in Dallas 2003. Knotted between each bead at a U$ 1.50 an inch per strand rate.
We can't say there is much design work on this piece but in this case the high quality of the gemstone and high carat clasp stand out. I can see this neck piece been worn during a Hampton's Summer Brunch or at a soiree by the French about you???
How would you wear it? (it doesn't matter where, really) maybe for a weekend in Catalina Island...huauahua

A double strand of green aventurine and vintage glass beads centered by a green onyx heart pendant. Well, at the time I wasn't a Crystallized™ Ambassador. Created for MBMJ®

I love this set above. I designed this for Paula Radke Dichroic Glass- actually Paula was one of the first manufacturer that commissioned me to create pieces for "in use" catalog and ads. She is a pioneer on mass producing dichroic glass with high quality stands. I love those donuts and I am sure she still have those available, although I designed this back in 2003..I don't even remember for sure. Daliciuusly timeless!

Oh, my God!!!
The last three were designed away back in Albuquerque - New Mexico- this is vintage me 2001...huahuahua...those turquoise came from a private mine in Arizona. How chic is that! A local jeweler commissioned a collection of casual-chic pieces so he could move his inventory he did! yay!!!
The top earrings were designed by WW. Simple and timeless again!!!

Jewelry designs in this post ©Fernando Dasilva 2001/3. Please note that all jewelry pictures are for inspiration purposes only and are not to be duplicated for resale.


Margot Potter said...

I love all of these designs Nando! Timeless, classic, elegant and with just a touch of whimsy.

It's such fun to peer into a talented designer's work. Thank you for sharing!


Fernando Dasilva said...

Thanks, Madge.

XoXo !