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Project image extracted from "Beyond the Bead" - "All washed up" design © by Margot Potter 2009 for North Light Books - FW Media.

"BEYOND THE BEAD" is the latest book authored by fellow jewelry designer Margot Potter. The book was released last January and since then have got great reviews from all the Arts and Craft media - the official one...the one that matters.

Now is my turn to talk a little about this fabulous addition to Margot's extensive collections of tittles that debuted few years ago with "The Impatient Beader" trilogy. Since then, Margot has mastered the art of creating unexpected and eye catching accessories beyond boundaries. Margot's curiosity for the new is endless and she creates unimaginable variety of accessories using non-traditional media.
On "Beyond the Bead" the reader will find incredible projects that by the title itself makes you smile...things like "Buddhalicious"( a rainbow color palette necklace made with molded Buddha head beads suspended by gun metal chain - and rhymes with Daliciuus™ ), "Breathe in, Breathe out" ( a decoupaged acrylic start pendant hung from a colorful chunky rosary style necklace), "I Magic ("a digitally altered image" project), "Nice and Naughty", "Resist this"'s all fun and intriguing.

One of my favorite projects is "All washed up"(picture above), a bold neck ring assembled with washers that has been painted, distressed and glued...the color effect is fabulous because you can apply and re apply layers and layers of colors until you are satisfied with the result. This piece is very art gallery and it could be in any of those chic and expensive places on Canyon Road district in Santa Fe.

Another positive factor on Margot's books is that the reader learn lots from her titles because many times the inspiration theme is something forgotten in time. Projects like "I magic" spotlights a vintage image of Jean Harlow - " one of the original bad-girl blonds", or in "Vogue style" where Margot used a vintage Vogue pattern catalog image. Margot brings lots of information about books, songs, movie divas, children tales ( how about that "Baba yaga' necklace designed for Crystallized™ with Swarovski Elements ?! - it's Russian children's tale honey...helllo!!)
Many of us(designers) bring that to our creations and Margot does it as well with lots of substance.

This book is artsy and chic and tuned with several fashion trends that are in now and will be throughout the next decade- media mixing, an amalgam of art techniques on a single piece with a non uptight attitude.

"Beyond the Bead" is an upgrade on Margot's career and the cover itself signalizes a different approach on her work. It is the epitome of the DIY segment.
You MUST have it!

Title: "Beyond Beads" - Making Jewelry with Unexpected Finds
By Margot Potter - 2009
North Light Books an imprint of FW Media.

Margot is a member of the Beadalon Design Team along with Katie Hacker and myself. We were pioneers on our niche bringing a different status for the craft jewelry segment.
"Beyond the Bead" is dedicated to the beloved and generous jewelry artist Robin Beam.


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